Who We Are?

Gator Pipe

 Blue Rock Ventures specializes in facilitating the best smoking experience with flower and concentrates.  Our inaugural item is Gatorpipes, and we have several more innovative creations in the pipeline that will be introduced this year. 
  Blue Rock was founded by a leading manufacturer of a variety of different consumer and business to business products and is leveraging their decades of supply chain excellence and subject matter experience.
  We are currently seeking reseller relationships for our items as well as custom and imprinted items for growers, processors, and dispensaries in the Cannabis industry.

Why and how did you come up with Gatorpipes?
I prefer to smoke flower with a pipe.  I think joints waste too much of the weed, especially when they have to be put out and relit several times unless I want to smoke the whole thing at once.  This would typically be too much for me.  They also tend to stink when you put them out and are saving the rest for later. When sharing with others, even before the virus made this unthinkable, the part I inhaled from would get all soggy and filled with resin, so it was preferable to smoke from a pipe.  Bongs can be nice, but they are expensive, bulky, hard to clean, difficult to transport, and really need fresh water at least once a day.  If you have ever knocked over a bong with older water, you know how that stench permeates a room.  So to me, a bowl is the most practical and efficient way to smoke flower.  I can pack just the amount I want to smoke, it is easy to transport and it’s not a big expense if it did happen to get broken.

My preference is glass by far.  I think the smoothest and cleanest smoking experience is facilitated by a glass instrument. I have tried just about every type of pipe.  Most pipes would clog up pretty quickly and become hard to hit.  This happened even faster when I added cannabis concentrates to the pipe and they were very hard and problematic to clean.  This would require boiling them, soaking them, or cleaning them with expensive solutions.  Then they would reek as all the resin and such was trapped inside the pipe.  This also made them heavy. The glass ones would break easily, the metal ones got too hot and the stone ones never really hit well.  There were many other kinds, but I did not find any of them to be optimal.  I also never cared for the designs of the pipes.  Personally, I like colorful paintings, but I don’t really want some colorful, attention-getting, eyesore of a pipe.

Since I was in the business of manufacturing other glass consumer items, I decided to design a pipe and send the drawings to my factory to see.  I spent some time thinking about all the angles and set out to design a pipe that was strong, light, easy to clean, and attractive.  I feel that we have succeeded and I am very excited to share my invention with the world!

Why are Gatorpipes better than other pipes?
Gatorpipes are the best and only pipe you will need for so many reasons.
1. They are super easy to clean and do not require any solvents.
2. They are durable, yet light.
3. They were designed to facilitate the most optimal smoking experience.
4. They are a fantastic value.

Extraordinary Experiences

GatorPipes have an extra weld between the stem and the bowl of the pipe so it can be tapped out without breaking. It also has indentations in the bowl itself for a glass screen or just to grip the flower itself when smoking. GatorPipes also have two sturdy feet, so they don’t tip over. 

Quality is Everything