The Only Pipe You Will Ever Need!

GatorPipes were developed over a three year period and involved extensive testing and incremental improvements to yield the perfect pipe that has taken everything into account when enjoying or medically benefiting from smokable flower.  The simple, classic design is very easy to clean, lightweight, and visually appealing. It won’t tip over, will hold the flower in place, and can even accommodate a screen if you wish to use one.

About GatorPipes

Durable High-Quality Glass Pipe
-Reinforced Weld between stem and bowl

Easy and Safe to Use
– No carb and no burnt fingers
– No burnt eyebrows or eyelashes
– Won’t tip over
– Accommodates glass screen if desired
– Holds flower firmly in place

Easy to Clean
– Tap out, it won’t break!
– Blow out after use
– Use a paperclip to easily clean anytime

Use Conserves Flower

Facilitates the Best Taste and Flavor

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