Gator Pipes. Fantastic Hits.
Saves Bud. Lightweight. Easy to Use

  • Blue Rock Ventures is a company that makes Gator Pipes. We focus solely on the beauty of the glass, removing unnecessary details and colors. Gator pipes are a rare balance of affordable glassware that never sacrifices functionality or durability.


GatorPipes were developed over a three-year period and involved extensive testing and incremental improvements to yield the perfect pipe that has taken everything into account when enjoying or medically benefitting from smokable flower.
Our patent-pending glass Gatorpipes are super easy to clean, weigh hardly anything, and really brings out the flavor of what you are smoking.

Features and Benefits

The Only Pipe You Will Ever Need! The Superior, Engineered, Smokable Flower Solution Durable High-Quality Glass Pipe -Reinforced Weld between stem and bowl


- No carb and no burnt fingers - No burnt eyebrows or eyelashes - Won’t tip over - Accommodates glass screen if desired - Holds flower firmly in place

Easy to Clean

- Tap out, it won’t break! - Blow out after use
- Use a paperclip to easily clean anytime
Use Conserves Flower Facilitates the Best Taste and Flavor

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 Glass Gatorpipes are super easy to clean, weigh hardly anything, and really bring out the flavor of what you are smoking. 

You deserve this pipe!

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What People Say
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This pipe was a gift. Very smooth hitting. Nice design that won’t roll over. High quality. A great pipe at a great price!
Jana Austin
I travel with this bowl everywhere. It's modern and lightweight, but it reminds me of an old school English pipe. It's easy to clean and ready to go. It's perfect for me.
Chad Livsey
When it comes to simplicity and effectiveness this marijuana bowl cannot be beat. It's the perfect weight.
Kevin Anderson
We have received quite a lot of praise from our customers who have purchased Gator Pipes. It's quickly becoming one of our most requested products.
Legba Wise
Owner of Sacred Sun


Vesco Mallette -operations manager – Sun Spot CBD (California)

Gator Pipes are a great compliment to our offering. These pipes offer great quality found in more expensive pipes.

Developing a Great Pipe

We did extensive testing and made incremental improvements to yield the perfect pipe that takes into account what it takes to enjoy flower or medically benefit from smokable flower.

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Imprinted Pipe on Quartz gatorpipe Air Plants stand