Gatorpipe FAQ

How do I clean my Gatorpipe?

Gatorpipes are very easy to clean.  This is due to the fact that the Gatorpipe is designed with a single layer of glass, versus a double layer as found in many other pipes.  This means that there are no places that cannot be easily cleaned and that is why you won’t need to boil, or wash and rinse with solvents. You can easily clean them three different ways:

1. Tap the pipe out on a hard, nonflammable surface after you finish smoking.  There is a reinforced glass weld between the stem and the bowl that allows you to gently tap it out and not damage the pipe.

2. Right after you finish smoking, aim the bowl into a deep trash can or outside area and blow forcefully
out.  This will cause all the resin in the stem to be easily ejected.  This works better the hotter the pipe is and is the easiest way to clean the pipe out.  This would not work on any double-barreled pipe.

3. Straighten out a large paperclip and insert in the stem to the bowl.  Then make a circular motion with the paperclip as you run the paperclip along the inside perimeter of the stem.  All the resin will collect and you can use the paperclip to simply pull out all the resin.

How do I smoke with my Gatorpipe?
The way we recommend to smoke flower with the Gatorpipe is to insert a whole piece of flower into the pipe.  Here is the important part:  be sure to point the pipe down when you are inhaling.  If you pull gently with the stem pointed at the ground, you can enjoy the flavor and aroma of the flower without utilizing a screen of any sort. If you hold the pipe level, or point upward as you draw, you risk inhaling fresh or burnt flower from the bowl when you inhale.

What kind of screens can I use with my Gatorpipe?
If you smoke as we advise above, you do not need to use a screen.  However, if you like to use a grinder and are smoking shake, you may want to use a screen.  There are three indentations in the bowl of the Gatorpipe.  These were designed with several purposes in mind.  The first is to hold a chunk of flower in place to keep it from easily falling or being blown out.  The second is to easily accommodate a glass screen.  These are little glass triangles that will set down in the bottom of the bowl and function as a screen.  The second option is to use a small wire mesh screen.  You can pre-shape them into a little bowl and position at the bottom of the bowl.  In this case, the three indentations will help hold the screen in place.

How can I smoke concentrates with my Gatorpipe?
Always put at least a small layer of flower on the bottom of the pipe. Then add your shatter, crumble, kief, or concentrate.  Finally, I put a small layer of flower on top and firmly press down.  You don’t want to put concentrates directly on the bottom of the bowl as when heated they melt quickly.  So it is preferable for the melted concentrate to coat the flower than to drip into the stem.

Where can I get Gatorpipes?

You can purchase Gatorpipes on Amazon.  Simply click Herbal Implement We are also working to get placement in a number of retail outlets.  Gatorpipes will be coming to store near you soon!

What is a carb on a pipe?
A carb is a hole that you cover when inhaling and then release while continuing to inhale.  This allows the user to quickly inhale all the smoke in the body of the instrument.

Why is there not a carb on the Gatorpipe?
Carbs are most useful on water bongs and larger pipes.  A small pipe like the Gatorpipe does not require one.  Also, the hole would normally be placed by the bowl and this makes it easy for one to burn their finger when lighting the flower.  Since there is no carb on the Gatopipe, the user does not have to put their hands anywhere on the bowl of the pipe they are lighting.

Are Gatorpipes patented?
Yes, there is a patent pending on the Gatorpipe.

Are you going to be introducing additional items?
Yes, we are working on number of new and exciting items.  We plan to introduce several this year and will post information on this site.

I want to sell Gatorpipes, who can I reach out to?
Please email us at